Reasons The Quality Of Ortho Mattress Is So Much More Important Than Quantity

Reasons The Quality Of Ortho Mattress Is So Much More Important Than Quantity

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Still I waited till it had gotten so bad, the anxiety so big, that I understood they might not reject my claim. They did so anyways claiming the bed was “stained”. I contest that claim, I particularly acquired the bed protection set that was upsold me. The only time the mattress was not in the covers is when those bed protectors were being washed.

General I feel they had no intent of supporting their warranty at all and were looking for any reason to deny my claim, in spite of inspector remarks how bad the mattress was, salesmens claims that the protector would preserve my warranty, and their claims on their site concerning the “ten years” of assistance they provide.

Either in the type of replacement of a like-product or a refund so I can purchase a quality bed mattress. *** File Attached *** I have attached a copy of the evaluation in addition to our service warranty policy. With every purchase the consumer receives a copy of this tri-fold service warranty card. As the customer states, we setup the customer for an examination.

We utilize a 3rd party business so it is a reasonable inspection to our customers. Client is proper, there is anxiety on her mattress which the inspector did discover. Nevertheless, the warranty will not cover replacement of a bed mattress if it is soiled. (I have circled this reality on our warranty policy) There was spots discovered on the mattress when checked.

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Not known Incorrect Statements About Ortho Mattress An Unbiased View of Ortho Mattress

Also stains/soil is considered unhygienic. Damage triggered by customer is not considered a defect for replacement. I have attached a copy of her order, a mattress protector was never purchased. First item is the mattress, 2nd product is the boxspring, and the 3rd item is the bedframe. If customer can provide initial billing for purchase of protector I can happily look into her warranty on the protector.

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11/16/2018first week of September,2017 i purchased a bed mattress from Ortho Bed mattress, The Mattress has a compression on the left side about 1″ and continues. first week of September,2017 i acquired a bed mattress from Ortho Bed mattress on XXXXX Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. XXXXX Sales Person *****. The Mattress was delivered around 9/4/17 and the next day or so I noticed a hole on one side of the bed mattress.

I travel for a living, so i am gone lots of nights.after sleeping on the new bed mattress soon after i began having issues with my back, shoulder and arms. I observed the mattress was not even on my side (left) where i slept in contrast to my other half’s best side.

I kept traveling and discovered every time I go back to sleep on my new bed mattress, i continued sensation pain. I didn’t feel in this manner on the hotel bed mattress. So i decided to call the business this was about last week of January to very first week of February, 2018. They pertained to inspected and observed a compression of about 3/4″ on the left side and 1/2″ on the best side and likewise 1/4″ center ridge which is firmer than the compressed locations.( That was their report).

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I wasn’t delighted about their decision and I figured maybe the bed mattress will improve after time. Well i continued having pain only when I slept on my brand-new bed mattress and never ever at Hotels. I called them again and told them i continued with discomfort. They set up an another evaluation on about April 25, 2018.

again they stated there was noting they can do for me because their policy was it had to be 1″ 1/2 in order for them to help me. It is now November and I continue having pain problems but just when I am sleeping in my mattress. I have been to a chiropractic specialist, My Doctor, Sports Masseuses in trying to enhance my condition however it seems no matter what i do, I feel pain and discomfort.

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I called the corporate workplace once again and left a message however they never returned my call. I finally called the salesmen and he called them and they returned my call. I talked to Linda Garcia and she said there was NOTHING THEY CAN DO FOR ME.Desired Outcome I would like for them to offer me a complete store credit or refund in order for me to buy another bed mattress.

I spoke to the consumer this morning and concurred to do another inspection. If the bed mattress compressions do not fulfill the minimal warranty I will forward all examination reports to the manufacturer for review. customer has actually accepted these terms. (The consumer showed he/she DID NOT accept the reaction from the company.) I did received a call from Ortho Bed mattress, she asked for to send another inspector to see if the bed mattress had actually become worse.

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However i did not concurred to anything else. The inspector did do another evaluation on 12/6/2018. I am still waiting on a resolution. ******** This consumer has been honored a service warranty replacement. Called customer to inform him. Consumer has made a choice to re-select a various design. Complaint Action Date bumped since: Vacation 10/30/2018First bed mattress was defected strong as a rock, replacement bed mattress (we selected a software application one just in case) Still strong as a rock.

The mattress was solid as a rock, the salesman recommended for us to wait, he stated that he takes a month to break in a mattress, we told him that the distinction from the flooring design and the one we got it night and day. As he recommended we waited a month and we went back with the exact same issue, He gave us two alternatives: A- Exchange it would cost us somewhere around $300 (restocking fee, shipment and pickup) B- He likewise said maybe you got a defected one, if that is the case we will replace it totally free.